Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What kind of equipment do I need to apply the Endura-Flex® (EF) material?

The equipment used can very in size and brand but it must meet the listed material conditioning requirements.

What is the shelf life of the EF materials?

All (EF) materials have a 12 month shelf life from date of manufacturing.

Can I purchase material directly from Global EcoTechnologies (GET)?

Yes.  Order can also be placed through our Sales Engineers.


How can my company become an applicator of the EF materials?

Fill out the complete Evaluation Form on the Qualified Applicator page.

What are the differences between a "Qualified" and a "Licensed" applicator?

The Qualified applicator has shown to have past plural component experience, and the proper equipment needed to apply the EF material in the solid form only.  All of the requirements can be found on the Qualified Applicator page.  The Licensed applicator, has met the above requirements plus, they have a licensing agreement for the use of the  ECOSYSTEM® with GET.  Some equipment modifications with mandatory specialized training is also required.

Can I be the successful bidder on a job prior to becoming a Qualified or Licensed applicator?

You may be awarded the job, however we will not sell material or quote prices to anyone that is not on our list of approved applicators.  We also will not provide on the job training.

Are any of the EF materials, approved for potable water contact?

Yes, the EF-1988, EF-1200P and EF-1200PW are approved for potable water contact using the NSF/ANSI 61-5 Standard .