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GET Qualified Applicators

ENDURA-FLEX® Products are only for application by Qualified Applicators as recognized and approved by Global EcoTechnologies, Inc. (GET).  A Qualified Applicator has satisfactorily demonstrated to GET that they have the following:

  1. Satisfactory heated plural component proportioning equipment meeting the " Material Conditioning and Equipment Requirements" listed on the specific product data sheet for the material they wish to apply including experienced personnel to operate that equipment.  Proportioning equipment must be mechanically yoked to a single motor.
  2. Satisfactory plural component coating application experience similar and applicable to that required for successful application of the specific ENDURA-FLEX® product they wish to apply i.e. EF-1988 or EF-1990 polyurethane.
  3. Three, verifiable, references for successful plural component coating applications with at least three years service.  All referenced projects must be of 100% solids polyurethane material similar to the ENDURA-FLEX® material.

GET does not offer on-the-job training but does offer on-the-job assistance provided that all qualifications  have been completed prior to job start-up.

**NOTE:  GET only provides material and pricing to Qualified Applicators.  No Exceptions!


ECOSYSTEM® : For Contractors desiring to incorporate the patented ECOSYSTEM® expansion technology into their application program, a licensing agreement is available. The use of ECOSYSTEM® does require some equipment modifications with mandatory specialized training.



To Become A Qualified Applicator for the Endura-Flex® Product Line

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Three, verifiable, projects using 100% solids polyurethane materials, with at least three years service.

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