High solids, two-component epoxy primer/sealer offers moisture tolerance and chemical resistance to alkaline conditions present on concrete.


Global EcoTechnologies offers  solvent-free, 100 percent solids, liquid polyurethane coatings as solutions for today's environmental problems.

Solvent-Free Coatings

Global EcoTechnologies offers ENDURA-FLEX® and the ENDURA-TUF® (ET-2000) PROCESS, solvent-free, 100 percent solids, liquid polyurethane coatings as solutions for today's environmental problems. These solventless coatings are engineered to allow contractors to "mold a coating in place." These materials can be more chemical resistant, tougher, and last longer as a result of thicker applied films and higher cohesive strengths with less dependency on adhesion. Dry/cure time is also faster, resulting in shorter completion times while addressing worker safety, fire safety, and environmental safety issues related to the presence of organic solvents.

Versatile Use

The 100 percent solids liquid technology has allowed for the development of the multi-component (plural component) ENDURA-FLEX® product lines and the ET-2000 PROCESS with special emphasis on materials for protection of buried pipelines, deteriorated asphalt and concrete pavement, resurfacing acid deteriorated concrete, coating earthen, asphalt, and concrete containment areas, and the installation of chemical resistant lining systems with high compressive strengths for heavy traffic areas. These tough, seamless, non-stressed films effectively protect the underlying substrates against spills, leakage, and runoff of many hazardous materials. The applied films are fast curing and can be easily repaired.


The ENDURA-FLEX® product lines and the ET-2000 PROCESS  have been tailored to meet most industry application needs. These materials resist embrittlement due to U.V. exposure, exhibit excellent chemical inertness, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. These materials (depending on need) have actually been applied to thicknesses varying from less than one millimeter (40 mils) to in excess of 15 centimeters (six inches).

Tough Coatings For Demanding Service

The ET-2000 PROCESS is the name of a patented application process that allows licensed applicators to inject a controlled amount of inert solid filler (i.e., sand) into the cross-linking materials to form a dense, impact resistant polyurethane composite system for areas such as drum storage, vehicular traffic, tank bottoms, and secondary containment areas.


Should applications be required over extremely degraded surfaces such as deteriorated concrete with exposed aggregate, licensed applicators may use the patented expansion technology registered under the name of ECOSYSTEM®.  Pinhole-free applications have been shown possible without primers using this technology by closing off pinholes with multi-pass spray applications and allowing the cellular product to encapsulate displaced air.