ENDURA-FLEX® 1988 Elastomeric Polyurethane  Data Sheets

EF-1988 is a specially formulated 100% solids, aromatic, MDI (recognized for its superior hydrolytic stability) elastomeric polyurethane coating/lining system for water and waste water applications. Fluid applied via airless proportioning equipment, properly applied EF-1988 provides a seamless monolithic pinhole free lining for protection of all types of concrete and steel. EF-1988 is self-priming on concrete or steel surfaces which are clean, dry, and properly etched. Adhesion to concrete exceeds the cohesive strength of concrete and shows excellent adhesion to abrasive blasted steel by industry standards. Licensed applicators apply EF-1988 utilizing patented technology in an expanded form. EF-1988 is also applied as a solid film or membrane and or combinations of both.


ENDURA-FLEX® 1990 Elastomeric Polyurethane  Data Sheets

EF-1990, is a 100% solids, multi-component polyurethane exhibiting a combination of exceptional chemical inertness, elongation and sunlight resistance (UV) on concrete, asphalt, steel, wood, and earthen substrates used in secondary containment, petroleum, and waste treatment services. EF-1990 offers excellent corrosion, abrasion, and chemical resistance while retaining its flexibility.


ENDURA-TUF® 2000 Process (ET-2000)  More Info

ET-2000 is a patent process using 100 percent solids, solventless, multi-component composite materials designed to more fully utilize the Ecosystem® technology, to include the injection of solid filler components such as sand, chopped fiberglass, ground rubber, ground glass, and other types of filler to yield different physical properties at densities exceeding the solid resin materials.


ECOSYSTEM® Process  More Info

The ECOSYSTEM® process allows for new opportunities through the injection of an inert gas into the stream of the cross-linking materials prior to exiting the equipment (spray gun/pour nozzle) with selected density control.  This process creates materials that can be deposited into a mold or onto a surface in a non-stressed, expanded closed cell, light weight, seamless monolithic condition.  This process does not change chemical resistance or permeability characteristics as defined in the non-expanded solid condition.



Endura-Flex® Reaction Bonded Urethane ("RBU") is a product of the Ecosystem® patented gas injection process resulting in verifiable improved performance properties which has shown to have superior barrier performance characteristics when compared to polymer films provided from other methods. RBU is fluid applied, rapid setting, solventless polyurethane coating (based upon the industry recognized Endura-Flex® 1988 chemistry) for it's superior hydrolytic stability and tough yet flexible protective barrier film properties which can be used on the exterior or interior surfaces of steel or concrete pipe. RBU is not a new formulated product nor is the product’s technology new, but the result of a combination of two tried and proven technologies coupled with specific procedural modifications resulting in overall enhanced product properties available through the GET licensees.